Robert Važan

Keyboard for children

I recommend teaching touch typing instead of handwriting since first grade. Although first-graders can learn typing on standard keyboards, things get much easier with keyboard optimized for kids.

Children have a number of physical characteristics that are important for keyboard choice:

Based on these assumptions, I recommend to look for the following:

Avoid the stupid colored keyboards for kids. Designers of these keyboards must be braindead. Since there are no keyboards on the market that would be truly designed for children, I recommend buying keyboards designed for tablets instead. They are small, compact, and comfortable.

Example tablet keyboard. It has much smaller keys than standard keyboard.

Failing that, the next best choice is to buy a compact keyboard with low key profile. It will minimize hand movements and allow placing the mouse within reach.

Example compact keyboard. Keys are of standard size, but the keyboard is narrower due to compact layout.

Dvorak layout is hard to find on the market especially when combined with other requirements. If you have to choose, favor child-sized hardware and configure Dvorak layout in software only.

Suitable keyboard is an important part of a computer optimized for student use