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What's the fastest browser with adblocker?

Comparing Firefox and Chrome, Chrome is faster in vanilla state while Firefox is faster with adblocker installed.

Where I show that Firefox turns out to be faster than Chrome when combined with adblocker.

My test wasn't particularly scientific. I just went to google search in Firefox and Chrome, clicked the first link, then kept going back and forth (Alt+Left and Alt+Right). Especially returning to search results is visibly slower in Chrome.

This effect is there only when AdBlock is turned on in Chrome. Interestingly, Firefox keeps being fast even with AdBlock Plus turned on.

Actually, it comes as no surprise. Google hates adblockers. It has banned adblockers from Google Play. It is incredibly slow in introducing browser APIs needed by adblocking plugins.

So chrome is fastest in vanilla browser benchmarks. Firefox is faster for any practical browsing with plugins turned on, especially with adblocker.

That makes Chrome optimizations pointless. Adblockers are major speed contributors - no distractions, no heavy animations, no extra downloads.

I am switching back to Firefox. As a bonus, I get my master password back. Firefox is an independent vendor that is not biased in favor of anyone's interests except interests of its users. I hope.