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Tresorit still crazy expensive

Privacy and security are only for the rich (and the technically skilled), Tresorit devs think.

I've previously recommended Wuala, but its gotchas are pressing me to look for something else. Wuala was acquired by American company, which makes it no more safe than SpiderOak, for example. Wuala is reportedly using convergent cryptography, which makes it even more questionable as a privacy service.

There are really only three players in the client-encrypted cloud storage: Wuala, Tresorit, and SpiderOak. Mega is nice, but one never knows when is it going to be shut down by the copyright lobby (which is dying  but not dead yet). Others either use cheesy crypto assuming I am too stupid to find out or they outright disregard privacy assuming I am completely incapable of comprehending why privacy is needed. There are bolt-on solutions for originally unencrypted services, but their bolt-on wrap-around nature makes them too unreliable and in the end leaky.

Tresorit was the new kid on the block a year ago. It has better crypto than either SpiderOak or Wuala. It is wholly European company, headquartered in Switzerland and owned by some enterprising Hungarians. It has lots of nice features, although it's still not comfy enough to replace unencrypted cloud services. I am notably missing client-side media rescaling/transcoding that would make their JavaScript client usable. I had two worries left: speed and pricing. Speed used to be a big problem when I tried them for the first time, but I didn't get to retesting it, because I got stuck with their pricing.

Tresorit appears to cost the same as Wuala: 10€ for 100GB space. So far so good. The first gotcha becomes visible while ordering the trial. Tresorit charges VAT separately, which rises the price to 12€. Okay, it's not that big difference. The next problem is sharing.

Tresorit follows DropBox model where shared folders are counted towards quota of all folder members. Wuala follows Google Drive model where only the original uploader of the file pays for storage of that file. This makes Tresorit crazy expensive in family setting. I can upload family photos or even videos to my paid Wuala account and share them with family members who only need the free Wuala account. Tresorit apparently expects me to shell out those 12€ for every family member. Tresorit also doesn't care that it is now difficult to share with extended family. While Tresorit focuses on businesses, I can see how this is going to be a problem for businesses that would like to share files with clients and contractors.

Lastly, Wuala's paid plans start at 3€/mo for 20GB, which is often enough for small-time users. Tresorit's minimum price is 12€. Quite a difference. When I add up these pricing differences, Tresorit is 2-3x more expensive than Wuala, so the 10€ price is comparable only in Tresorit's marketing materials.

So as far as I can tell, average family is still unable to obtain properly encrypted online storage. Reasonably priced solutions all come with weak legal or cryptographic protection for personal data. Tresorit is too expensive. Wuala can no longer be trusted. SpiderOak is not really sync. It's more like a backup with some extras. I wouldn't trust precious family media to Mega. I will go with Wuala for now. It's the most functional and secure solution within my budget. No recommendations from me for Tresorit until they fix their pricing.


I completely agree with your comment that Tresorit is too expensive. Our family has been looking for secure, encrypted online storage with a non-US company for many years now, just signed up with Tresorit, and were shocked at their pricing. It's $12.50 PER MONTH here in the USA--absurd. Yes, privacy is important to us, but not $126/year important. We'll continue using encrypted hard drives at our home and office until a viable alternative comes on the scene, and if that never happens, like then we'll remain old-school.

Another problem we've found with Tresorit is that it isn't as facile as Dropbox/Boxcryptor. We want something intuitive, drag-&-drop simple. We create folders in Tresorit, but then can't drag files into the folders inside the tresors. We also can't find a way to easily re-name files from within Tresorit. These would be sufficient problems, as an online storage mechanism is only as good as it is easy to use (otherwise we'd just keep using the alternatives). But the pricing absolutely killed Tresorit for us.
you should try, much cheaper and easier. It's not as polished as dropbox but it's more in line with what tresor does with encryption
Yikes!! Now Tresorit is 20 euros per month, or ... is that around 22$? It's a terabyte, but still, that's expensive. It's not much more than a terabyte drive costs.

Does the author have an opinion on

Are there any new options? Pshew, why don't people insist on encrypted storage? Don't they understand what it is, or are they the "I don't have anything to hide" (until they do) type?
I recommend
I have a paid account with them and a free one with Tresorit because I wanted to have double protection on everything.
I paid for the sync one because it was so cheap compared to Tresorit but I was also prejudiced against it for the same reason.
In fact if anything having used both now for awhile I have to say that if anything Sync uploads more quickly and stays more transparently out of your way, tresorit has this annoying habit of popping up to tell you what it's doing all the time.
I don't think that I will be converting to a paid account with tresorit on account of the price despite liking the fact that they store their data here in Europe.
What I will probably do is use crashplan to provide the extra re-assurance alongside
Tresorit is crazy expensive! I would love to try but an looking for a Linux friendly alternative. Rather than shell out 240+ euro a year I'm going to look into using OwnCloud.
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