Robert Važan

Why DIY is almost always better

I am usually talking about programming, but today I am going to write about something as mundane as home repair & maintenance. I am writing this, because everyone on the Internet seems to shun DIY (do-it-yourself) while in my experience DIY is clearly superior.

I used to be in favor of hiring specialists, because, in theory, specialization improves both cost-efficiency and quality. Then I tried to apply this theory in real life only to get very frustrating results. Over the years, I leaned increasingly towards DIY. Here's why.

So are professional services obsolete? Not yet. There are situations when you just have to ask for help and these are the exact situations when you still use outside help:

So why does everyone on the Internet seem to recommend professional services? If think it's mostly CYA. If you get hurt or you damage something during DIY job, they can say "we told you so". So that's it. Don't worry, ignore the CYA, and take your time to focus on high-quality DIY work,